Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am working on the Eissa birthday posts (yes, there will be more than one) and they will be up in a few days. But, until then...

I need your help!!

Me and the hubs are going on a quick little getaway the first part of December (Dec. 4th-6th or 7th to be more's a weekend). We are pretty dadgum excited. I'm so so so excited about going that time of year.

I've never been to New York City. In fact, I never even had any desire to go until about a year before we left the states. I'm not sure why, but I just all the sudden wanted to go. It didn't work out for us to go there before we left for Brazil, but it looks like it's a go this time.

Another reason I'm excited...this is our first little vacation getaway we are taking without at least one child in tow since before Grady was born. We've traveled alot, but oftentimes when you travel with small children, it feels more like stressful work than any type of vacation. will be SO nice to just go and only have to worry about us two...dressing, bathing, and feeding ourselves and that's all. Ha ha ha.

We will miss our kids, but unfortunately it only works out for us to stay 3-4 days. Fortunately in that we'll probably be really ready to see our kids by the end of that (I'm not at all looking forward to leaving them...I hate missing out on even a few days of their lives). Unfortunately in that I know there will be way more things that we will want to do in NYC that we just won't have time for.

So...we need help. We know nothing about NYC. Joel's been there, but is not at all an expert on all the touristy, fun city things to do.

This may sound completely superficial and shallow of me, but I have no interest in any of the historical things...not what I want to fill my 3-4 days with. I can see the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty on TV. ;) I would be interested in that if I had more time, but I don't. I want to just have LOTS OF FUN! So...I was thinking...

--Central Park stuff - that place is huge, right?
--all the Christmas attractions (ice skating, the big tree, etc.)
--a Broadway show - which one do we absolutely have to see...somebody, please tell us
--lots of good food - I hear that wherever you go in NYC is good, but does anyone have any definite suggestions of where we just HAVE to go to eat
--fun but reasonable shopping - even if it's just window shopping. ;) we would like to be able to purchase too if we want or can, so nothing that's just ridiculously priced, you know?

And of course we need a place to stay. Any suggestions for a hotel/nice motel somewhere centrally located? I have no idea where we need to try to stay or what areas we need to plan on visiting. Maybe with out limited time we should just concentrate on one specific area. Yeah...obviously clueless about NYC.

So, someone, anyone, all of you...give suggestions and your expert advice, please. I am on the edge of my seat to hear all the help you will give us. ;)

Lots of comments I want on this us what to do!! ;)

Thanks so much!!


Stephanie said...

By far my most favorite show we have seen there was Wicked. It is the story of the good witch and bad witch of OZ when they were young school girls. It was awesome!

Melissa from the Blue House said...

I've never been but would love to.... can't wait to read about what you see and do there!

Amber said...

Auny just got back form there, she would be my BEST guess for recent info. I would suggest The FAMOUS Serendipity Restaurant for their World Renowned Frozen Hot Chocolate!!! The only downfall is there is ALWAYS a wait, but well worth it:) Good Luck and I hope ya'll have a BLAST!!!

Connie said...

How FUN! Levi and I went to Chicago for a few days (around this time of year) and it was magical. Seriously, the best vacation we've ever had. I know it's not New York...BUT I would think it similar.

Macy's Christmas window displays are indescribable. I'm sure it's even more fab in NYC. Wicked is so awesome. Worth it if you like musicals. I went alone b/c Levi hates and I mean loathes musicals so didn't see the point in paying a gasp-able amount of $ for him to crack his oh-so-redneck jokes the entire time I'm trying to look as though I'm, in the very least, not white trash.

Serendipity was featured on Oprah more than once and I've heard it's a celebrity hot spot. And you have a personal testimony above so I'd go if you can. You can buy their mugs cute.

I'll shut-up now since I've never been but you two will have the most awesome time.

Oh, and FAO Shwarz in Macy's had GREAT affordable souvenirs for kids. We got the girls the cutest, softest, little stuffed animals there for $10. Great little shop.

Amy said...

All I can speak to is what show to see. I recommend Mamma Mia. I have seen it twice - once in London and once in Las Vegas. Both times was just the most fun I have ever had at a theater production. You will laugh til your sides hurt, sing, and leave wanting more. The movie version doesn't hold a candle to the stage show. It definitely fits your criteria of LOTS OF FUN! ;)

Melissa Terry said...

I have made several trips over the years. Central Park is a great place to have a romantic time with your hubby- especially at Christmas time.

I really enjoyed walking over the Brooklyn Bridge :)

You have to go to Times Square Church.

My favorite shows that are playing currently are Wicked and Billy Elliot.

Nicole and I ate at Max Brenner's chocolate factory and the food was really good, plus you can get some fun souvenirs.

FAO Schwarz is very fun.

If you like italian food, its fun to walk along in Little Italy and eat at any of the restaurants in there b/c they are GOOD!

My mom is from there and I have two cousins that live there now, so if you have more specific questions, then let me know.



Us said...

Hey! We went to New York last September (wth kids) and we had SOOOO much fun! I'll send you a message with some info! We did very little historical...and we actually felt really safe!

Us said...

Okay that is where we stayed Holiday Inn Express Madison Square Gardens. We walked to Time Square a couple times a day. There was a diner on the way where we had ice cream or supper and once we had breakfast. The hotel serves breakfast until 9. The Firehouse museum is cool, Peanut Butter Company was fun...and the area it s in is cool, I would want to lve there. central park is a LONg way away...we rode the subway part of the way, but on the way back a tropical storm came through and shut down the subway we walked back in the rain. There is an italian restaurant down from the hotel that is good and romantic. I will think of more later. right now I have to get ready to go the wake (fun)

The Cochran Fam said...

I've been to NYC twice, both in the winter time.

You have to go to Rockafeller Center to see the Christmas tree and ice skating rink.

We've seen Phantom, Les Mis, and Chicago. All were amazing.

You can't go to NYC without going to see the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, and the Empire State Building, right?

We never walked through Central Park b/c it was so cold, but we did take a carriage ride through the park!

Macy's and Bloomingdales just because they are both huge and beautifully decorated for Christmas

Toys R Us in Times Square - it's huge and has amazing leggo sculptures and a Cabbage Patch Kids tree (and tons more)

M&M's store in Times Square

Fifth Avenue for window shopping - the windows are amazing at Christmas

For the best pizza on earth, go to Lombardi's in Little Italy. I'm not kidding, it is THE BEST.

Serendipity 3 for frozen hot chocolate

When we went for our honeymoon we stayed at the Plaza (thank you in-laws), but when we went again we stayed at the Belvedere Hotel which is near Times Square and Broadway

Sorry that was so long. My hubs and I love NYC. I hope you have a wonderful time!

Wendy said...

I would love to go to NYC but not as much as my 6 yr old!!!Its all he talks about!!!!
I hear that the Christmas toy display at one of the toys stores (FAO Swarz or Bloomingdales)is incredible to see!
I love lonelyplanet! Its a great place to find out what to see and where to stay.
Have so much fun and can't wait to see those pics!!! :)

AUNY said...

I like the Holiday Inn Express in Hells Kitchen or the Doubletree in Midtown (that one is even better). As far as the food, it really is all good. I liked Hells Kitchen Pizza or any of the Ray's are good. I would suggest that you see Wicked. It's so good! It's not evil or anything despite the title. I would also suggest that you get a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity. I know of some great chocolate shops down in SoHo. Email me if you want anything more specific.

Jada said...

The only comment I have is "WICKED!" OH, and one more PIZZA!

m-powers said...

We went last year during the same time. It's SO BEAUTIFUL but also really cold. We stayed at a place for people in full time ministry. It's called the Hebzipah house, located just off of central part on 72nd street (West side of the part), about 2 blocks from the subway and only 90 dollars a night! This was great because we could spend money on other things. They do have a website, if you can't find it let me know and I'll send you an email with it.

Also, I agree about Wicked but we had already seen that. It's a great show. We saw the Rockette's Christmas, more for kids!

We ate at Bobby Flay's restuarant, SO GOOD and really nice.

Miranda (know Steph V.)