Friday, October 23, 2009

Eissa's Birthday Celebration - Part 1

We had SUCH A WONDERFUL day with Eissa a couple of weeks ago on her birthday. First of all, our church was having a weekend retreat. We had already planned to go out there to join them on Saturday, so it worked out great to add in a little birthday celebration with them all while there. Fun!! Our church is so loving and adores our kiddos. We are so blessed by them always. They have totally welcomed us in and been our family away from home.

We had lunch with our church peeps and played around with them at the retreat center place...swimming, games, hanging out. Then it was back to town we went. For...

Oh, I'll tell you all about the rest of the day next time. ;)

For now, lots of fun videos and pictures of part of our fun Eissa day...LOTS. So, here goes...

Cass with Stefanie, one of our pastor's daughters (he has 3)...great, great girls!
Chatting with friends.
Just total 3-year old cuteness.
Totally surprised that they all started singing Happy Birthday to her after the prayer for lunch. This picture doesn't show it, but she was really smiling and liking it.
Our little table at lunch.
We had brought ice cream for everyone to join in a little party with us after lunch.

Parabens pra voce!
Listening to everybody sing to her. :) Love her cute little grin here.

She had just blown it out...I missed it.
Our pastor, Pastor Ismael.
The other October babies that were there, our friends Natalia and Neemias, and Eissa getting prayed for.
I was so glad to use up all of our party hats that we've collected over the past couple of years. ;) Some little kids won't use them, but teenagers will always throw one on. ;)

Cass with our pastor's wife, of the most caring ladies you'll ever meet. Love her.
They had such a great spot for the kids to play and swim. A great little simple kiddie pool. They loved it!!

Some diving instruction. Although don't worry...we had a good talk about how he couldn't really dive a big dive in that shallow water (I had MANY paralyzed people as patients in my very short career as a nurse).

"I don't think so, Mama. Not today."
Playing footsie with Daddy.

Cute little feet. ;)
He can walk on water! ;)

She loves the water. She even loves to be dunked...head all the way under. She comes up laughing. ;) Funny.

Beautiful 3 year old.
No Brazilian outing is complete without a little soccer thrown in.

Eissa getting some alone time in the pool with her friends.
Hadley was catching some rays, getting a little Vitamin D. Mmmm. I think she might be a little bit like her Mama...she loves to lay in the sun.
The cute little chapel there on the grounds. Everyone gathered there to play some games.

The smiles got bigger and bigger. ;)

Ahh...she's so much fun.
Cass dancing to some music being played.
This girl can get down and crazy. ;) Ha ha ha.

Our celebration with friends from church. Here, Eissa is sung to, some other friends who have October birthdays come up, and Pastor Ismael prays for them all.

Swimming with friends.

Swimming with friends some more. ;)

Cass loves to dance. If music is playing, she is moving. It's so funny and cute.

More of Cass's little jig.


Anonymous said...

I love pictures... and Cass's dancing videos made me laugh. Shoot is I was ever having a bad day I would turn on some music and just watch... all better.

Amy said...

That first picture of Eissa is perfect - the little curl dangling down, the textures and colors behind her - total professional look! Good job! Loved all the pictures, and cass dancing. :)

Angela said...

very cute! so excited to see you guys so soon! on a rainy cold fall day i'm bumming that Micah for the time being is growing up where he has to be indoors so much of the year! :(

Kecia said...

So cute!!

Mom was amazed when she saw Grady bow his head to pray...

Such a young boy teaching very important lesson!The reverence!

You area great mom Michawn!

K├ęcia and Nisia

Ali said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Eissa! Can't believe our little girls are '3' now! Wow!

~ Ali