Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A 5-Year Old and a 4-Year Old

The other day Hadley said to me that she was going to play 'Indians.' I thought how fun...some good ole imaginary play with Indians involved (of course I thought of American Indians like we used to play when I was growing up; in fact, my brother and cousin had imaginary 'Indian girls' for what seems like several fact, one day apparently my cousin got a little irritated at my brother about something and told him that he had shot and killed his Indian poor little tenderhearted brother ran in my Granny's house sobbing, telling her that his little Indian girl was dead...ha ha ha; but, that's another story...back to Hadley...).

She got all ready and then announced as she walked out the door, "I'm going to the Indians now."

Grady heard her and said, "Oooh, to tell them about Jesus?!?"

It made me smile so big.

What a different world my kiddos are growing up in. It's so fun to hear them playing and talking about eternal things all the time. They're so great!

As I typed this, this was the conversation going on at the kids' activity table as they were drawing. I'm not sure what sparked this little discussion, but this is what I heard of it...

Hadley: "Grady, you want to go to heaven when you die?"

Grady: "I sure do...I want to go to heaven and see God."

Hadley: "But first you have to be killed...the soldiers have to kill you."

Grady: "No, you have to just die by yourself. Not soldiers. You can just die by yourself."

I love that so many of their thoughts come out and I get to hear them. And they are definitely thinking, aren't they?

So fun to be a parent.


Nicole said...

I love it! You are doing a great job, Mom!! :)

O.M.G. said...

one day she will come to you for real and tell you "i'm going to the Indians now" and you will let your little missionary girl go. this is how it starts. :)

Haley Frederick said...

Love it!

Kecia said...