Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Switch is Flipped

Remember this post about Eissa (spelled Asa back then)...which just so happened to coincide with the news of Cass being on the way.

It's like that, with our kids anyway...a switch gets flipped and then, voila...they are walking.

Yes, Cass is walking. I've said before, we've enjoyed having her 'be a baby' (or seem that way) for longer than the others. Hadley walked at 9 1/2 months, Eissa at a few days shy of 10 months, and Grady was 11 months. Cass on the other hand...ha ha ha.

She is 14 months now, by the way, and she literally cracked us up. She was fully capable and we knew it, but she was just not interested...or sometimes it seemed that it just hadn't crossed her mind. We didn't care. We never tried to coerce her to walk or standing across the room and setting her up and trying to get her to come to us. But, when we had something else to do and had to let go of her hands, it was like we could see the wheels turning in her head. She would 'say'..."Hmm, O.K., let me just bend my knees then and get back on the floor...fine...crawling is O.K. with me...whatever." It was SO funny.

She never even took baby steps...NOTHING!! Then, Tuesday morning she took a couple of steps. She was excited by some music and some movement in dance class (I'll tell you about that soon) and took a couple of steps to get to Eissa. Nothing after that. Then, I was in the shower after herding all the little girls through for their showers on Thursday night and Joel came in and said, "You've got to get out's happened...Cass is walking." :)

I got out and went in with the fam and there she was...just walking clear across the room practically, like she'd been walking for big deal. This kid is hilarious!

She got SUCH a kick out of it too. The batteries were dead in the camera that I usually grab quick videos on, so unfortunately I didn't get any video of that night. But, here are some fun pictures. And then after the pictures, there is some video I got just this morning. She usually walks more at night...for instance, she didn't even really attempt walking yesterday until last night. Maybe she took after her Mama...I prefer not to start walking until after lunch every day myself. ;) Ha ha ha.

Congratulations, Cass!! You are such a big girl!

All of the kids are excellent with Cass. But, Grady especially is always so proud of her and is so sweet with protective of and helpful with his wee little sister. It's really sweet.

The Eissa roadblock. ;) Ha ha.

Whew...that was fun, but now it's time for bed. ;)


Melissa said...

Ohhhh....they're so cute when they are learning to walk!! What a doll!! I love it!

Ronnie and Leah said...

Oh, so, fun!
Sofia is 16 months and still not walking, though she did take one step toward me this evening!
She'll get there.

Kelley said...

That's so cute! I had a brother who never even crawled. He just up and walked one day. He also did that when it came to talking. Didn't say a word 'til one day "throw the ball" came flying out of his mouth. Anywho, she is just darling.

I finally put your blog on my blog-roll so I will finally keep up-to-date on your lives way over there in APS :-)

O.M.G. said...

so funny, her little wobbly, flopsy legs in the 3rd video. she looks tall! like her mama! love the pics & story.