Friday, May 01, 2009


A friend of mine just wrote that he went to a conference this week. One of the big things that he took away with him was that God is going to have a cause for each Christian to champion. We each have things that really strike a cord in us...really inflame us.

What's your cause? What's the thing that you are most passionate about?

For some it is bringing revival to the United States. For some it is exposing the truth about vaccinations. ;) For some it is politics, or teaching others, or healing.

Hmmm...what is my passion? I don't think I can answer with just one thing...can anyone? Being close to my children relationally and physically so that I can train them and guide them in all of their ways...and teaching/sharing with others concerning how to have a peaceful, calm, happy home. Adopting and caring for orphans and encouraging and helping others to do the same. Sharing options with women concerning pregnancy, childbirth, healthcare, and fitness.

Exciting to think about the possibilities and where those passions may lead. And what other passions/causes may be birthed in me.

Think about it. What cause has God given you to champion?

I shared my passions, now you share yours.


Luke said...

Empowering and equipping young children and adults to use their God-given talents and creativity for the expansion of God's Kingdom in the arts and media.

And, it seems, re-thinking how we should encourage guys and girls to think about interacting with one another. We're working on a book, which makes me think we've got some passion for it [smile].


Michawn said...

Luke's comment made me think of another one of mine...the whole concept of relationships/dating/courting (whatever you want to call it)...basically guy/girl interactions and teaching others God's take on it.

on an adventure said...

I have two main ones, which I know are a part of God's purpose for my being here, and they bring me to greater intimacy with my Savior when I am doing something good with them.

First, it's about taking a stand with Godly love in our family. That is two-fold for us: loving our children for who they are and training them in the ways of the Lord, AND loving our "other" children God brings into our home for who they are and training in the ways of the Lord. That doesn't mean adoption for us officially, but it means having the LOVE of CHRIST permeate through our family as we love on others who need family (mainly our kids at church). This is a shared passion for Johan and me.

The other passion is my own, but fully supported by my hubby. I have a passion for worshiping God intimately and teaching others, leading others, to do the same. I have a passion to evangelize through worship, through the Spirit of the Lord and His presence when we give ourselves over to loving Him intimately and passionately. You can't leave a place and time of worship still doubting the existence of God!

Wendy said...

My first passion would be to train up my children and the second is serving others. Very simple I know but we all have a part in the body of Christ.
So funny that this is your topic today as I have been asked to take on a huge endeavor in serving others;)
Keep me in your prayers!

Kecia said...

Our passions are the cause of the persecuted church, figth against abortion and Africa's christian missions.

Every single pray makes a huge diference!

We love you in Christ!!