Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm no expert on the all. I've never felt a calling to that 'people group' and have never done a ton of research concerning them, although the following video sparked an interest again, so I've read some recently. I do know that they are a very lost people and even, in the extreme following of Islam, are very, very scary to be blunt (in much the same way as they think that 'extreme Christian followers' are 'scary' and their enemy). I read this today...great points from one of my favorite men. And I have a book that, in a compact way, discusses each religion, how it came to be, the contrast of each with Christianity, do's and don'ts of evangelism with each, etc. Very, very interesting concerning Islam. I encourage you to do your own research. Pray for the Muslim people. Ask God how you can personally 'reach out'...what your own personal role in that area might be. Because, honestly...I think we all have some sort of role to play in 'countering' their grip on the world as a whole. That may sound dramatic, but I think it's true.

I did want to share this video. It is interesting and very, very sobering. As I've said before, I do not buy the argument of not using some form of non-abortifacient birth control in attempts to birth more Christians so that Christians may outnumber other religions. Numerically, that makes sense. But, after all, God has never needed to rely on numbers. So, that isn't the point of my posting this video...don't take it that way from me. I just thought it was incredibly thought-provoking and, as I said, sobering. Thought you might find it interesting too.

I know that so many of you have much more knowledge of this subject and even how Islam relates to prophecy and such. Please share. I'd love to get your thoughts.

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