Saturday, February 08, 2014

Our Future and Brazil

It's what we get asked about most often.  And I just want to take some time here today to answer these questions and clear some things up.

If it were up to me, we would've been back in Brazil months ago. 

And because I feel that way, it makes it really really really annoying and frustrating and unfair for me when I hear people assume and imply that the reason we are still here is because I don't want to go back.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As I said, if it were up to me, we would've been back there months ago.  But not everything is up to me.  And not everything is within my control.

Yes, I love our house here.  Yes, I love the states.  Yes, I love being around family and old friends.  And all things familiar to me here.  My language.  And my culture.  And Target and Wal-Mart, lol.  :)

But our lives, as Christians, aren't based on any of those things.  They are supposed to be based on God's purposes and plans for you.  No matter what.  You are supposed to walk down God's path for you.

And for us, that has been Brazil.  And I personally don't feel like our time there is done. 

Here are a few things there in Brazil that my heart longs for...our friends there (go look at these pictures to see some of them), our routine there, the orphanage where we volunteer (miss these kids so much; read this and my reply to get just a tiny glimpse of my and the kids' 'work' there...also, see video below).  But instead of being back there, we're here just waiting...on something that technically, in my mind, could've/should've happened about a year and a half ago.  But, for reasons beyond my control, have still not come to pass.  We're here, stuck in not moving forward with all of the things that we feel God has for us. 

Yes, I love being home, here in the states, in Saline, Louisiana to be specific.  :)  But, there is a time and a season for everything.  This was only supposed to be a visit after all.  Our lives are much bigger than "I love being home." so many ways and for so many reasons, I long to be back in Brazil.  To continue the work He has there for us...our lives He has there for us.  And I just wanted to be really clear here about that...and answer a few wrong assumptions that have been made.

Having said that, what is keeping us here then? 

While I obviously love to write about things, even things that some people would consider 'personal' (for example, the miscarriage) because I love to process things in that way and it really, really helps me...not everything I can write about on here.  But I can say this...

There are just some things that need to be worked out here before we can move on in our lives.  I can't tell you what those things are right now.  Maybe when we get to the other side of those things I can write about it here.  But for right now, just know and believe me when I say that if these things weren't dire and needed in our lives, we would not still be here.  These are not things that are 'wants'...they are 'needs'...and there's a big difference.  And we can't even think about moving forward until they are accomplished.

So, you can help us.  Pray that those things will be worked out in our lives and those needs will come so that we can move on. 

There are many other things that will need to be worked out after that point.  But, for now...first things first. 

I'll leave you with this video.  This is a video we showed at the VBSs we taught at literally the first and second weeks we were back in the states (we got back here the last day of May, 2012)...we were being major gypsies at that point (we had no other choice), our 12 huge unpacked suitcases in our van with no place to go for about the first 3 weeks, our kids having to climb over them every time they got in to go somewhere (misery; now that I'm writing everything out here, I'm sure I'll write more about this happening at some point).  But, we somehow were able to teach VBS two weeks straight and pull this little video together during that time.  It shows a bit of our lives over the last few months we were there in Brazil.  A little glimpse into the lives we left behind and hope to return to soon.  Sadly, so much has changed since we left, including where we will live once we do return.  But still...we do hope to return soon.

Again, pray with us.  Thank you!!

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