Wednesday, December 08, 2010

40 Weeks and An Opportunity to Bless/Save

We just got done with our last adoption class on Monday night. We have been approved to adopt since last spring and on 'the list' since that time as well. All that was lacking were these classes to complete our process. I can't even tell you how excited I am. Eeeek!!

Monday night as we were chatting with the leader after class, we realized that given our list of preferences (or non-preferences)...doesn't matter the race or the gender, we're fine with the ages of up to 3 years old, we will accept sibling, we could get a call any day. OF COURSE, it could also be 3 years down the road...only God knows the day and the hour. ;) But, it really is kind of like being about 40 weeks pregnant (ahh, the anticipation; so fun!!)...could happen any day. Which got us to thinking...

What if we are presented with a sibling group, like next week? Hmmm...where will we fit them? :) Our car at the moment will only hold one more person. This house is not ours and we could technically be asked to move out at any given time...but, besides that, we are really kind of growing out of it, esp. if we accumulate more children and people want to come visit (which they always do, something that we are so very thankful hosting you visitors, so keep 'em comin'). What then? much as I want to just settle (and we are until God moves us onward), if I'm honest with myself, change is still in the air.

And what does that have to do with you?

Well, I am writing today about a neat thing that we just learned about recently. We had really kind of put in on the backburner, but felt a little nudge to get at this last night. Let me tell you about it...

But, first a little history for those of you who have maybe just happened upon this here blog. We are missionaries with a Brazilian organization that uses aviation to reach and help others. Being a missionary, in our case, means that we live on support/donations. That is always a thing that requires just a whole lotta trust and faith, you know? A very different lifestyle to lead.

We have never actually been 100% funded, according to the basic-needs budget that we set up for our family (only around 70% to be honest). Our 'income' varies from month to month...and some months are pretty darn tight. But, somehow God has always provided (as usual...He's like that) whether it be through special one-time monetary gifts or through someone just giving us the material things that we are in need of. So very blessed and thankful for that.

We are always mindful, though, of watching out for ways to practically generate funds for our ministry. I can't stand a scam. ;) Or nagging for money or even asking nicely for people to give money just because they love us. :) Hahaha. God can prompt the hearts of the givers to be a part of our outreach...and even provide for a very tangible way to 'make' money. So when we found something recently that could not only help us, but help the ones helping us in a very practical way, we were
on board.

Everyone loves a good deal, right? And everyone has used a gift card or discount card of some sort before, right? Well, that's exactly what we are talking about. It's pretty cut and dry. I can't tell you how many times I've purchased a discount booklet or card from someone. It helped them, sure. But, was a no-brainer for me to buy it because not only did it help whoever I bought it from, it also always helped me. So...

We have found a great Christian company who provides discount can save up to 50% at 100,000 merchants for a full year...all for a $20 investment/donation to our ministry. You can even buy more than one and give them away...what a great Christmas present! you might have guessed by now, yep, we have your Samaritan Card right here for only $20 each. ;) You can view just how helpful these things can be at You have to actually have a card to do some of the things on that site, but it can give you a good idea of the wonderfulness you can expect with your Samaritan Card.

How does this work for you to get your Samaritan Cards? Good question. Just go here to our website ( and click on the link to get your card (click on the image of the card). It will take you to 'the Card' page. You will make your payment through our PayPal account and we'll send you your card...simple as that. You will be able to start saving within days...and if you act now, you can order some as Christmas gifts too.

So, what are you waiting for? Go bless us and bless yourselves, for heaven's sake. Scat. Go now. :)

I love the Sample $avings! Hello!

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I have a friend who worked for this organization. They are doing some cool things.