Friday, July 23, 2010

Trying This Leaving Thing Again - PART 2 (!!)

Super quick update: We are headed out the door right now on our way to the airport where SUPPOSEDLY our flight is on time (leaving at 3:30 eastern time) and we actually have tickets processed for it. :) Yes, it was again a no-go on Wednesday (due to air traffic issues and delayed flights, etc.). Today is the day (in the name of Jesus). ;) Pray for smooth and safe travel...and a great 'homey' feeling when we get back to Brazil. I'll update again when we get there.


Ludmilla said...

We´ll be praying for you.
Have a nice travel.
Welcome to Brazil again.
Ludmilla - AnĂ¡polis - BR

Ali said...

Hope your travels went smooth and safe (in the name of Jesus). Loved when you wrote that in your post! Haha! I can't wait for you to post your adventure home to Brazil!

~ Ali