Friday, July 30, 2010

Coming Year for the Ebersoles

So...we got back to Brazil just fine. The flights were great...the first flight was full, but I sat by a VERY interesting, super sweet man, so that was a good flight. Then the other two flights were not full, so I was able to have a seat next to me to put Cass in (we bought the tickets when she was under 2, so therefore she was still a 'lap child'). It was so nice to not have to hold her the whole night and next day.

I did lose our camera on the first flight (the brand new little point and shoot). Big, super huge bummer!! So very sad about that. It's not like I can just go out and replace it here in Brazil (plus all the pictures and video that were on there...sigh). It's way too expensive to buy such things here. So...pray that Delta finds it in their lost and found. I left it on Flight 2101 from Boston to Atlanta on the last row on the right side of the plane if you want to pray very specifically. Hahaha.

We got back to Anapolis last Saturday night, after over 30 hours of travel. We have been unpacking and setting up our house again all week. Then we packed up again and are almost finished with that. Just a few more odds and ends. We were actually supposed to leave this morning, but decided to take it easy on ourselves and leave tomorrow morning instead of this morning...finish up the odds and ends in peace instead of crazed panic. :)

We'll be headed down south. From what we can gather, it's about a 14 hour drive. Of course we'll stop here and there too. Should be interesting. I've never taken a road trip (of more than 3 hours) here in Brazil. We're heading to Campinas, in the state of Sao Paulo. I'm going to be starting language school on Monday. Joel will stay with the kids and do some homeschooling probably, but the big focus for ALL of us, kids too, is to push forward with our Portuguese and get to the 'fluent' point. So, Joel plans to speak with the kids in Portuguese, get out in the community some (parks, etc.), and do Rosetta Stone with them (they call it 'the square game on the computer'). We're all excited to make that our focus and not be pulled away by other things for a season...things that always pull us away when we are here in Anapolis. Not that we don't love those things that pull us away (just to clarify). :)

So, that's what's first in this year for the Ebersoles. :)

We're thinking that we will probably stay there until at least the beginning of October...2 months. But, the door has been left open to stay there longer...up until December. So, we'll just evaluate as we go.

When we return to Anapolis, we will get started on two other things immediately.

One thing...adoption. I don't remember if I wrote about it here, but back around April or so I believe it was, we got word that we had finally been approved to adopt. That process was complete. Next step? Classes. As soon as we get back from language school, we will begin to take the classes the government requires that prospective adopters (is that a word?) have to take. So, of course we don't know what it will all look like, but it is very feasible that we could be called about a child (or children) within the next year. Very exciting! We'll keep you posted.

The other thing...Bradley classes. As some of you know, the training I went to Seattle for was a Bradley Method instructor course. Brazil has a C-section rate of 90%. Brazilians are well-educated, but not usually in the area of childbirth. There is a real need. I really hope to help in those regards. So, I went to that training and am now considered to be a 'provisional' teacher. I have to teach two series of classes, each being 12 weeks long, in order to become an affiliated Bradley teacher. Thankfully this will start after I go to language school. Hahaha. I'm really, really excited about it though.

Another thing that so many of you have asked about...babies. :) Cass is 2 years and 4 months old after all. We are WAY behind in our baby-making. Hahaha. We still feel like adoption is the next step. But, I do feel like, if we do have more biological children (which I feel we will, but can't say that for sure...#1, it's really up to God in the end anyway, and #2, maybe we will just adopt from here on out...can't say for sure), that will probably be started within the next year too...Mama ain't gettin' no younger, that's fer dang sure!! So...

That should catch you up on what the Ebersoles have written in pencil for this year (from this point until next summer or so). Who knows what will actually's always an adventure.

And...I was hoping to get back to blogging regularly once I made it back to Brazil and some high-speed internet. But, here we go to Campinas...and I'm not sure if I'll have internet service available to me where we will be living. Campinas is a huge city and definitely has high-speed internet, but I'm not sure whether we will have it in our house or not.

Speaking of that, we will be staying in a 3-bedroom house (I think 2 bathrooms, but not sure) not far from the school. I'll be able to walk to the school everyday. The house is furnished, so that's handy. It is the same house that many of the missionaries that we know have stayed in...this is the school that many go to for a year before starting their ministry.

There is more that I could say, but this is getting long. There are many other things to fill you in on, but at least I've touched on some of the things that some of you have asked about. If I have internet access in Campinas, hopefully I can get more caught up on filling you guys in on things.

Be praying for us as we travel starting in the AM...we are thinking about leaving out around 3am to get a big chunk of it done while the kids are sleeping. That's easier for everyone involved. Just pray for safety, our car, and for smooth and quick travel. Thanks!!

And now a few pictures for y'all...taken back at the end of May/beginning of June. We went to two VBSs this summer. This one was first, at Magnolia Baptist Church in Saline, LA. It was great. The other one we went to was at Old Saline Baptist was also great and I'll try to get pics of that on here at some point too. "We're gonna say y-,y-,y-,y-,yes to V-,V-,V-,VBS!!"

Running from our van to join in the line to march in.
Aunt Cheryl always goes all out.
Our girls...
...being all lovey.
After everybody marched in...singing fun songs. "On Saddle Ridge Ranch...rounding up questions, driving home answers."
An excited Grady in his class.
Hadley in her class...taught by cousin Gillian, with cousin Colby as an assistant.
Eissa and Cass were in the same class (taught by Mrs. Judy and Mrs. them), but Eissa was doing a craft...
...and Cass was in another section.
Joel and I taught the missions class that week. Let me just say...the Southern Baptist Convention has it together in telling kids about missions in a way that will stick with them and appeals to them. Loved it! I personally don't remember that from my VBS days.
Aunt Cheryl...playing the part. Hahaha.
Ohp, that horse is getting uppity! :) No bucking allowed!
This is unrelated to the VBS, but I had to share. We also visited the first church I went to growing up around that time. Love Briarwood Baptist Church. This is the same puzzle I used to play with in the nursery. I went back to get the kids after the service and Hadley was playing with it...I totally gasped. Lots of memories came flooding and I had to get the camera. I couldn't believe it. It has to be at least 34 years old...and was probably there way before I was in that nursery. :) They just don't make 'em like they used to, people.
Grady with one of his best friends, Zachary.
Mr. Merle Wayne and Mrs. Diane came and gave the kids rides in their wagon one day. How fun is that?!? I love Saline!! :) The kids LOVED this!!
You might have to click on this pic and make it bigger...Eissa's smile is too cute. She loved doing this.
Grady right at the front...very focused. He loved it.
My little streaker. This is totally not related to VBS either except for that it was after VBS one day. ;)
Dancing a jig as she walks down the dock. Hahaha.
On Friday night, we had the VBS Commencement (program to wrap it all up and show the family/community what we learned that week). So fun.
Aunt Cheryl how into it she gets!! Of course, the kids love it too!
Eissa and Cass singing their songs.
Grady's and Hadley's turn.
Cass assumed this position after her part was over to watch the others' turns. This and dancing with her friends. They were just as entertaining as the ones on stage.
Celebrating with Papaw and Uncle Tucker after the program.

The girls with sweet Ms. Nunn. They stopped her in the parking lot to ask her all about her oxygen. :) (they had asked for one of these pictures, so if one of you Magnolia folk could print one off and get it to her, that'd be great...thanks)
One of the best parts of VBS commencement...showing all the things that you made all week.
So proud of one of her VBS masterpieces.
The girls entertaining themselves while Grady shows off his work for the week.
Grady in his classroom. His class was taught by his Granny. He's looking so grown up.
Soooo excited to show us all that they made in class.
Telling Mrs. Judy goodbye...Eissa and Cass just love her!


The Wickes Family said...

I think your life is just beyond amazing. Adam is wanting to get out of the AF in 2014 and I suggested we become missionaries and live a life similar to yours. Maybe you could write me a personal e-mail about the specifics ie income, jobs, well what life for you is like. He says right now "but I love the USA"! Hmmm... he didn't shut me down so atleast he us thinking about it.

Jen said...

Welcome back to Brazil!!! So glad the travel went well. Just proves there is a God- 30 hours of travel with 4 little ones and it went well. :) Miss you all.

Dani said...

Hey my dear new friend,
I don't know when you'll get this but just wanted you to know I think about you all a lot and try to couple those thoughts with prayers often. Praying for you today and language school is beginning. I DO HOPE you are able to get your camera back!!! What a horrible thing to lose it!!
God bless you guys in this busy year ahead... who knows what He's got planned. Knowing Him, it should be interesting eh? :)
Love to you!

Ali said...

Fun pics! Looks like the kids had fun at VBS! Cool Hadley was playing with the same puzzle you use too!