Friday, September 09, 2011

The Adventure Continues...And Continues...And Continues...


For those of you tracking Joel's and Uncle Cliff's progress, you know that they are still on their way...slowly but surely. In my last post, they were stuck in the Bahamas. They spent about 5 days there and were then able to head out again on the 2nd. The trip from there to Brazil was pretty smooth and straightforward, with just a couple of glitches along the way. Then they arrived into Boa Vista on the 4th, a city in the very north tip of Brazil. There they discovered that some of the paperwork Joel had filled out prior to the trip never got to where it needed to go. So, they had to fill that paperwork out again. And then more waiting. Waiting for it to clear.

Wednesday, the 7th, was a holiday here. So, we were just praying for the miracle of the paperwork going through on the 6th. With lots and lots of what some would label 'hounding' (we call it 'diligence' here) :), the document was finally cleared at the very end of the day on the 6th. A big praise.

So Wednesday, the 7th, they were able to head out again. (picture: the vast Amazon region) They had strong headwinds and a bit of a bumpy ride, so they didn't make it as far as they were hoping (1st picture: them on their unplanned stop in Itaituba). Yesterday was a good smooth day. And today would've been their last day of travel...arriving in Asuncion, Paraguay this afternoon. But...

They have hit bad weather. Weather has been perfect for them...until the last day. just have to chuckle. I think at this point, their families are fine. But, the pilots are a bit weary and ready to make it home.

Today marks 3 weeks that Joel has been gone. Praying for them...for the weather not to discourage them. For the weather to move along and get out of their way. ;) For just a joy and fun time for them (as you can see in the picture, looks like they still have some of that left in them) :), even as they wait some more...for them to soak up this last little bit of time together, last little bit of this adventure. For wisdom for them to know the right course of action for planning the rest of the trip. They are about 2 legs away from their destination (about 1 day of travel). So, maybe the weather will cease and they will be able to make it to Paraguay at least by tomorrow. The hope was for Joel to be back by Sunday. We'll see.

They've had a great trip though...lots of adventures, lots of stories, lots of great memories, very special time for Joel with his uncle. Very, very grateful. So so glad he could do this.

Here's a link to a blog post that one of Uncle Cliff's other nephews posted...pretty interesting. And, here's the link again to follow them on their journey as they fly. Thanks for the prayers, y'all.

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