Friday, June 10, 2011

Memorial Day

Well, this is a little late. But, I was in the middle of talking about food when Memorial Day rolled around. :) it is...

Oh how I love my 1st country that is. I have another now that I happen to like a lot too. ;) But, of course the United States is my favorite (as it should home).

I LOVE the history we have. I love that we are willing to fight for right things...sometimes physically, sometimes not...without backing down. We catch a LOT of criticism...and I've found out even more about that since living in another country. But, I'm very proud of the job our country does in helping others. Because no matter what the critics say or even what the ulterior motives might be, the truth is that the effect of the United States stepping in is overwhelmingly good.

Our family has always been very patriotic and considered it an honor to serve our country in that way. My grandfather fought in Okinawa during World War II (getting several fingers shot off one hand and being injured badly). Received the purple heart. Many of my other family members also served in WWII and in the military after that. Even I came very close to joining the Air Force after nursing school.

Words can't express how I feel about our soldiers and their families. Really. I hate when Joel is gone for just a few days at a time. I hate for him (or myself) to miss anything special with our family. Can't even imagine the sacrifice of missing out on a full year or more with your spouse/kids. And then of course the ultimate sacrifice that some have paid.

My brother is currently serving. He is a veterinarian. Did you know the Army employed veterinarians? ;) Yes, he told me that many people in the Army don't even know that. Haha. But, they do. And he is serving our country very well. So proud to be his sister. He has already served overseas for over a year in the past. He will be doing so again at some point.

Please pray for our servicemen. Not just on Memorial Day. Pray for their families who they have left behind to serve and keep you free. As you run by Starbucks or have lunch with friends today, don't forget what others are doing for your benefit many, many miles away.


Dani said...

Hey Michawn! just thinkin' about you today and thought I'd stop by and let you know. :)
My dad was a dog handler in the Army (stationed in Germany) so he definitely has a big appreciation for veterinarians in the Army. :) I'm sure you're proud.
God bless you and your sweet family today!

Ali said...

Hi girl! Just checking in with you all and hoping you all are doing good! How is life?

~ Ali