Saturday, October 09, 2010


Well, not only is tomorrow a cool date...10-10-10. But, it is also Eissa's 4th birthday. Happy 10/10/10, Eissa!

Oh how we love this sweet girl. She is just so...sweet. :) Sweet Eissa Rose.

Our two-word meaning for her name is 'peaceful healer.' She's a pretty sensitive little girl...but can also be very stubborn. Kind of funny to see those two things together. But, we're working on balancing those two things out. :)

She is such an encourager and loves to help her brothers and sisters and us. She's just beautiful with her pretty porcelain white skin and chubby cheeks and blonde ringlets. She LOVES snuggling and we love to indulge her. She's so...pudgy and smushy. Even now at almost 4 (I still have a few hours of pre-4ness).

Today I was saying how this was her last day of being 3 and how that made me sad. She came and hugged me and said she was so excited that it was her birthday tomorrow...and, "I'll still be Eissa, Mama." Sweet.

So, we are just loving her last day of being 3. Joel and the other 3 kiddos walked to a nearby store to get Eissa something for her birthday. She was full of excitement knowing where they were going. And...that she was going to get to hang out with me while they were gone and pick out whatever movie she wanted to watch 'til they got back. I have loved my special couple of hours alone with my sweet 3 year old.

And, we are so glad that she will still be Eissa after today. :) Love her!!


E e J said...

Que amor.... Que alegria... Que só Deus dá...

Ali said...

Happy Birthday to such a sweet little girl! I love the pics of her...she is precious! :) What a fun birthday 10-10-10! She and P share a great birthday! Fun that you got a little Mommy daughter movie date! I can't believe our little girls only 2 days apart are now 4! Wow, time is flying by!

Miss you and Love you!

~ Ali

Nena said...

Eissa is absolutely beautiful - inside and out. She is so sweet. She is such a kidder. She'll say or do something and then say, "I'm just kiddin'" with a precious grin on her face. Just a delightful child. Happy Birthday, Eissa!!!!