Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yulia in Ukraine

Oh man...been a while. Lots going on and lots I could write about, just not a ton of time. But, eventually I will get to it. I would also love to update you with pictures...again, in time.

But, today you have to read this. I posted it on my Facebook, but not everyone who reads my blog has Facebook, so I want to post it here.

Incredible story...and she needs your help. Any little bit helps her. Please consider doing something. Giving financially, praying of course...or better yet, loving her for all time.

Read about Yulia here


Kecia said...

All i can do is pray! Pray and share this story with my church and friends!
Our God is greater than anything in this world!
I have faith, i have faith that Yulia will know the greater love in this life.

E e J said...

Que blog lindo e abençoado...