Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Recent Activities and Upcoming Plans

Well, we've had about 5 semi-normal weeks. "Semi" because even though we haven't been traveling too much and have been able to settle in a bit, we have also tried to cram in all the special things we wanted to do. Complete normalcy provides the ability to spread those things out a lot more. But, we'll take "semi" over nothing.

So, as I said, we've had about 5 weeks of that. It's been so incredibly wonderful and I definitely wish we had more time for it all. But, it is time for yet another transition. This week we are beginning to pack it all up. Next week Joel will be gone for a training in Canada. The week after that I will be gone to Seattle for a training. Then after I get back we will only have 1 more week here. Soooo sad! We'll be leaving this area around July 5th.

I DESPISE the fact that we won't be staying for the Watermelon Festival! I know...you all in Saline have expressed your gasps over that fact. ;) I can't believe it either. But, Joel's family has a family reunion in Pennsylvania scheduled for that weekend, so we will be headed that way. It will be good to see them. But, don't worry...we will not be missing the Watermelon Festival ever again when we are in the states. So, we'll see y'all in 2-3 years! And I will be kicking your hineys in the seed spitting contest. ;) Hahaha.

We'll be in Pennsylvania for a few days and then will be headed to Boston for about a week. Then we'll be boarding a plane back to Brazil July 20th. Sad and happy...just the way our lives will always be.

Alright, gotta run and pack. I might not be updating the blog again before we leave Saline. But, here are a few pictures of the recent weeks. Enjoy!

Helping Daddy wash the van. I love Cass's expressions in these pictures. ;) She was later able to pry herself away from the soapy bucket and actually wash the van a bit too. Ha.

We went to Tucker's state track and field meet in Baton Rouge. His event was later in the day, so we took the kiddos to the Baton Rouge Zoo before the track meet. Fun!
And my favorite part...we introduced the kids to snow cones. Ahhh, and they were so good. It was seriously hot as hades that day.

After the zoo, we were off to watch Tucker's event. He had torn his hamstring playing softball, so he couldn't run this year (big bummer). But he did great with the discus. It was so great to be here for all his Senior stuff.
The fans with their star!! :)
And out at the lake...best place on Earth. We spend as much time as possible there. LOVE!!!!!!

Grady and Hadley are having a ball playing T-ball. We are having tons of fun watching them too. SO fun!!

They have lots of support from their little sisters.

Movie night!
We had a family reunion with Daddy's fam, the Madden family. Took this picture with Daddy and Tucker, Daddy's sisters, Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Rose, and my only cousin on the Madden side, Brian. It was a really fun day spending time with the Maddens that we haven't spent time with in years.
Fun kiddos!
More fun, fun times at the lake(and with Tucker this day)!! Hoping we get to spend much more time there before we leave. This is my happy place!! ;)


Jen said...

What a great summer! Such a fun, amazing family.

Dani said...

Michawn, it was an absolute delight to have the home invaded by little people today! Thanks for stopping by to visit Elisabeth. I wish we had more time together; you are clearly an amazing, beautiful family. I've sent your web page on to my brother and who knows; maybe he'll be interested in the work there. :)
God bless you all as you travel back to Brazil and serve Him there.