Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Dance School and Little Miss Priss

Last Tuesday night was the first night that Hadley and Eissa were able to attend their more advanced dance class that I told you about in the last big update (scroll down about 3 posts if you missed it). Grady decided he wanted to go check out their new class too, so he went along for the ride while Cass stayed home and had a little date night all by herself with her Daddy.

The next morning, Grady decided he wanted to try his hand at being the girls' teacher/dance coach. So, I grabbed a few videos of the event. Fun stuff.

At this point, Grady had lost interest a bit...and Hadley was doing what she does most here around the house. ;) This girl is a *girl* through and through.

And then this was taken on August 23rd. Grady had had a fever that day and the girls were a little runny-nosed and hadn't taken a great nap that day either, so we stayed home from church while Hadley had a little date to church with Daddy (and felt so special and loved every minute of it, by the way). We had our own little time of praise and worship with some old school Crystal Lewis Hymns action. Then the kids set out to play, as you can see. Such a fun night.

And then here are just some pics to go along with the videos. Enjoy.

A shot of the girls on their last day in their morning class.
The girls' first time in their evening class.

Cass enjoying the 'dance school.'


Joel Costanzo said...

watching those videos made me really miss those kiddos and the house :( i just remember not having any worries or cares and now real life hehe though at least now im making money! I hope you all are doing well!!! oh and i like the mirror above the sofa...and new on your cabinet that they forgot to ship?

Wendy said...

How Sweet!!! I can't believe how big Cass is in that last picture!!!Time flies!