Monday, March 27, 2006

Home is Where You Hang Your Heart

Ahhh, how cheesy that little saying is!! I could've said "home is where you hang your hat", but the heart one is even more cheesy...and I don't have a hat.

We are now in Dallas, TX and have been here for about 3 weeks. Joel is in the middle of a 30-day intensive course to get his flight instructor's license. It's been extremely busy for him. Most people get their flight instructor's license over the course of a few months to a year. That's a lot of stuff to pack into 30 days. But, he is doing great. He is gone from 7am-7pm on the weekdays, and 8-5 on the weekends, although he skips school on Sunday mornings (more on that in a later post). He had one of his check rides on Friday...a 6 hour written, verbal, and flying test...crazy. He was exhausted afterward, but he passed, so we were VERY excited.

Me and the kids are having a great time. We've seen a few friends that live in the area and have just played alot. We also spend a lot of time at the Galleria, which is just down the road. We go and eat lunch there sometimes, walk around and people watch, and they also have a GREAT play area there that the kids LOVE.

We are staying in an Extended Stay Hotel called Homestead Suites. It's very small, but pretty nice. We have a little kitchenette area with a 2 burner stove, a sink, and a microwave. The kids have some of their toys here and they just play and hang out. We also have cable here, which we've never had before. As I type this, Grady is watching "Barney" while Hadley takes a nap.

It's weird, but this is home. I went back to Longview this past weekend to show the house to a few people and go to a wedding, but I had no desire to stay. In fact, I really kind of dreaded going at all...didn't want to leave Joel and our "home" here. And many have asked how the kids are doing. There wasn't even any adjustment needed. For one thing, Grady just turned 2 in January, but has already moved 3 times. They just go where we go and that is their home. In fact, the 1st day we were here we pulled back into the hotel parking lot after doing some shopping and Grady said, "We're home." They are doing great.

Our plans for the near future?: Well, Joel finishes up his training April 8th and then we will go visit some of our friends here for a couple of days. Then I guess we will go back to Longview and hopefully wrap things up there. We did have a contract out on the house, but it fell through, so we are now trying to get it sold again. I showed it to 3 different people Saturday, so hopefully soon we will have a bite. We have to sell the house in order to move on with the rest of our plans and what we feel like God has for us, which is going to Missouri for additional training. We aren't stressed or anything though...God will work it all out. We are hoping to be in Missouri by the first of May.

So, there's a little update on where we are and what we are doing. We are so thankful for your continued prayers.

I'll post some pictures soon.


Rebecca said...

Great to hear ya'll are adjusting well! love you lots - happy blogging! :)

goldenkona said...

Hey Girl,

Love the blog. very cool.


Johan & Amanda said...

That's so awesome! Johan and his family moved a lot and they did great with it too! I guess it's what you are used to doing! Your family is wonderful!